Environmentally desirable synthesis: one-pot and solvent free formation of arylidenes compounds from gem-diacetates

N. Benferrah, M. Hammadi, H. Dokari, F. Berthiol


Abstract:Heterogeneous acid catalysts are of importance in the fine chemicals area, and several been investigated in reactions such as the Knoevenagel reaction, an important reaction with pronounced solvent dependency. The condensation of active methylene compounds with gem-diacetates in the presence of acid aluminosilicates (montmorillonite KSF, K10/ZnCl2) without solvent and under microwave irradiation, an efficient of synthesis of arylidenes compounds without isolation of aldehydes compounds. Cleavage of arylidene  rhodanine derivative in position 5 in basic medium on  Potassium Fluoride–Barium Oxide (BaO-KF) under focused microwave irradiation and free solvent is a simple and effective method for synthesis of, β-aryl-α-thiolacrylic acids.

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