Use of the Arc hydro Tools for the extraction of the hydrographic network of watersheds: case of sub-watershed of Oued Laussif (w) of Sétif, Algeria

S. Cheddad, A. Haouchine


This research paper deals with the study of the morphological characteristics of the oued Loussif sub-catchment, located in the Wilaya of Sétif, Algeria. This study is part of a more general study on the hydrogeological study of the Kherzet Youcef deposit.

In all fields interested in the study of spatial phenomena, a need for automation is emerging, especially for 'network' type geographic structures, given their systemic organization of space which is not explained in geographic data bases. In order to meet this need for automation, the use of Geographic Information Systems has proven to be profitable.

Morphological features such as flow accumulation, flow direction and stream network were extracted based on the digital elevation model (DEM), and the results were interpreted and analyzed. The Geographic Information System (GIS) based approach with the use of DEM facilitates the understanding of different morphological features represented in the thematic raster data maps, and the correlation between flow accumulations, flow direction, stream order and stream network was well explored.

The study represents the morphological features extracted from the DEM. The software used to perform the overall analysis was ESRI ArcGIS version 10.8 with ESRI Spatial Analysis Analyst extension and ArcHydro. The morphological features are effective in understanding the spatial distribution of the stream network and identifying potential groundwater locations.

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