Adaptation and Conversion of an Algerian Bentonite for Specific Use

A. Ouamrouche, K. Benyounes, A. Benmounah


Bentonite is used in pharmacology and cosmetology for different applications, the chemical and mineralogical composition and characteristics of these materials are so important. Therefore, the aim of this work is to evaluate the suitability of  application of Maghnia Bentonite (clay from Algeria)  through different tests. Initially, it was performed the characterization  by X-ray Diffraction (XRD), X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (XRF), Swelling volum, Gel Formation , CEC and Surface area. The microbial content of natural  bentonite and the activated one with 4% of Na2CO3 labelled (M4) are verified. The suspensions were characterized through tests of sedimentation rate, swelling volum and pH determination. The physical-chemical characterization of M4 indicated compatible characteristics with those of  clean clay; it was observed smectite and quartz reflections as crystalline phases and in terms of chemical composition the major presence of Montmorillonite was verified. The microbiological evaluation showed that microbial content of M4 Bentonite presents acceptable limits, according to the Pharmacopeas.. The pH of the sample M0 was close to neutral (7.75 ± 0.05), while the pH of the sample M4 (9.2). The results showed a possible application of M4 in pharmaceutical  products.

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