Rigorous modeling and simulation of the reactive absorption of CO2 with loaded aqueous monoethanolamine solution

I. Hammouche, A. Selatnia, R. Derriche


Abstract: In recent years, significant efforts have been made  to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from industrial sources and prevent the worldwide climate change. Special attention has been given to carbon dioxide removal using absorption–desorption with chemical solvents. A reliable design, scale up, control, and optimization of post-combustion CO2 capture processes requires the use of an accurate packed bed absorber modeling and simulation. In this paper, a rigorous rate-based model that describes the reactive absorption of carbon dioxide into loaded aqueous monoethanolamine solution in a countercurrent-flow packed absorber column has been developed. The model considers both mass and heat fluxes across the interface; thus, liquid and gas phases are balanced separately. Proper correlations currently available in literature for physico-chemical as well as heat and mass transfer properties estimation were included into the model to ensure reliable predictions; all equations (mass and energy balances, equilibrium speciation, kinetic model, enhancement factor model as well as the physico-chemical and transport properties) were then implemented in MATLAB software. The developed model was successfully validated against published experimental data with maximum average relative deviation percentages less than 2.8 % and 1.7 % for liquid temperature and CO2 loading profiles, respectively.

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