Discoloration of contaminated water by an industrial dye: Methylene Blue, by two Algerian bentonites, thermally activated

I. Feddal, Z. Taleb, A. Ramdani, H. Herbache, S. Taleb


Abstract: In this work, we proceeded to a cationic dye removal of the textile industry wastewater discharge: methylene blue (MB) by adsorption on two types of local clays, type Montmorillonite sodium (AS) and calcium (AC) activated thermally at 300°C. Several parameters influencing MB adsorption process such as: (i) adsorbent-adsorbate contact time, (ii) clay mass, (iii) pH of the medium, (iv), initial dye concentration (v) and the temperature. The results obtained show that the maximum adsorption is achieved with a percentage of f discoloration of 99.49% and 98.51% and with an adsorption capacity of 450 mg/g and 240 mg/g for AC-300 °C and AS-300 °C, respectively. The acidity and basicity of the medium considerably affect the adsorption of this dye. The results deduced from the isotherm adsorption data show that the retention of methylene blue dye follows perfectly the Langmuir model. The thermodynamic parameters indicate that adsorption is endothermic, spontaneous and physical type.

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