Harmonic Reduction and Elimination in Three Phase PWM Inverters using a Spiral-Inspired Optimization Technique

F. Z. Dekhandji, M. T. Kassah, A. Bensalah


Abstract: The quality of the inverter output is a major concern when renewable energies are to be connected to the grid. Particularly, the harmonic distortion is a headache to the system designer and may lead to malfunctioning of the overall system.  In this work, the problem of harmonic elimination through optimizing the firing angles in a three phase PWM inverter is addressed. Harmonic elimination techniques give an improved performance by cancelling the most problematic harmonics. The Spiral optimization technique results in a further reduction in the harmonic distortion. In this approach, the ONand OFF instances (firing angles) of the switches to eliminate some desired harmonics are pre-calculated. These firing angles are stored in a microprocessor which produces the pulses with predetermined timing corresponding to the desired harmonics to be eliminated.

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