Effect of the Dimensions of Natural Fibers on the Mechanical Characteristics of Clay Matrix Composites

Z. Belkhir, M. Merzoud, N.E.H. Daoudi


Abstract: The use of natural fibers in clay matrices is a reinforcement technique used for centuries in construction. Natural fibers incorporated into cement matrices require various specific treatments to overcome the problem of incompatibility between natural fibers and cement paste, due to the sugars contained in the plant. This article is focused on optimization the dimensions of diss and alfa fibers in clay matrices based on mechanical properties. For this, we used fibers of these materials with dimensions of 4, 6 and 8 cm. The three-point bending and compression tests with measurement of deformations have shown that the composites have a very ductile behavior, due to the presence of natural fibers which really play the role of reinforcement for the composite, while the pure clay paste exhibits low resistance and fragile behavior.

The dimensions of the fibers have a great influence on the mechanical behavior of the clay matrix composites, and it has been found that the fibers give the best flexural strengths between 6 and 8 cm, and that the compression increases considerably without damage to stresses around 12 MPa, this is due to the great capacity of the fibers to take up the lateral tensile stresses in composites.

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